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Managed Service Providers

Unlock Your MSP's Potential with Keibra Apprenticeships!


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a crucial role in the IT ecosystem, delivering crucial services for businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective IT solutions. To stay at the forefront, MSPs need a blend of talent and adaptability. That's why at Keibra, we champion apprenticeships, whether you're aiming to onboard fresh talent or upskill your existing staff.


We redefine apprenticeship programs for MSPs, drawing from our extensive hands-on experience within the industry. Our approach involves offering full, personalised business support and practical, scenario-based training directly at MSP premises. This approach is rooted in our first-hand knowledge of the MSP industry, presenting a high-value, low-risk proposition.


Upskilling isn't just a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a low risk strategic move to strengthen your MSP's workforce and best of all a minimum of 95% of training costs are covered by government funding. 


Here's why investing in apprenticeships, whether upskilling current employees or bring in new talent in partnership with Keibra is pivotal for your MSP's success:

  • Tailored Training Solutions: Address skills gaps and empower your current workforce by upskilling through our apprenticeship programs.

  • Cost-Effective Skill Enhancement: For MSPs, the UK government covers 100% of the apprenticeship training costs for apprentices aged 16 to 18. However, for other apprentices aged 19 and over, MSPs not paying the apprenticeship levy contribute 5% (approx. £50-60 per month) towards the cost of apprenticeship training, with the UK government covering the remaining 95%.

  • Enhance job satisfaction, communication, and productivity through career development opportunities, nurturing an environment that values growth. This proactive strategy not only improves job satisfaction but also cultivates high retention rates and draws in top talent to your organisation.

  • Future-Proof Your Talent: Align with long-term goals, ensuring your team stays agile and aligned with evolving industry demands.


Our team is committed to guiding MSPs on this transformative journey. Whether it's upskilling your current workforce or integrating fresh talent, our comprehensive apprenticeship programs will cater to your specific needs.


If you're an employer seeking to recruit apprentices or upskill your workforce, reach out to us at or call 0333 772 9175. Discover how Keibra's apprenticeship programs can empower your MSP and secure its success in the dynamic IT landscape!

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Why it works for MSPs

Our team at Keibra comprises seasoned professionals with a rich background in working within the heart of MSPs. We intimately understand the pulse of MSP operations, having dedicated years to providing direct support and solutions within these environments. This deep-rooted experience forms the foundation of our apprenticeship programs, ensuring they are finely tuned to address the specific needs of MSPs.

MSP eXperience

Backed by our extensive hands-on experience within MSPs, our apprenticeship programs are meticulously crafted to align seamlessly with the unique dynamics of MSP operations. We provide tailored support that caters specifically to the challenges faced by MSPs in client management, technical solutions, and operational excellence.

Full MSP business support

With our direct experience in MSP environments, we understand the importance of on-site learning. Our apprenticeships are conducted at MSP premises, facilitating immediate application of learned skills within the MSP's own workflow and client-centric approach.

We also know Monday mornings are crazy after the weekend, so we will work around your best times.

Train at your premises

Keibra offers a unique proposition by merging our first-hand MSP experience with apprenticeships.

This reduces the risk of skills misalignment while significantly enhancing the value of training investments for MSPs.

We know your helpdesk apprentices need to be comfortable on the phones, speaking to clients, that's why we prioritise this early on, again lowering your risk

High-Value, Low-Risk Proposition

Our apprenticeships immerse participants in real-life scenarios reflective of the challenges encountered within MSPs. We don't teach theory, we teach competency!


Through practical, hands-on training, apprentices gain the skills and confidence needed to navigate the diverse landscape of Managed Service Providers effectively.

Hands-On Scenario Based Training

Keibra's MSP-focused IT support apprenticeships encompass essential customer service techniques, practical skills, and dedicated training in Helpdesk and Onsite Support—critical for thriving in Managed Service Provider environments.

Our tailored curriculum integrates crucial customer service techniques relevant to Helpdesk Support within MSPs. We prioritise a client-centric approach, nurturing effective communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills among apprentices. This equips them to deliver not just technical solutions but also empathetic, client-focused support—an essential component of Helpdesk services within MSP settings.

Practical learning forms the core of our approach, covering Helpdesk and Onsite Support scenarios unique to MSP setups. Apprentices engage in immersive experiences, simulating remote Helpdesk interactions and hands-on Onsite Support situations specific to MSP requirements. This ensures they acquire adaptability and practical skills needed for both remote assistance and onsite interventions within MSP operations.

The curriculum integrates technical expertise with essential soft skills crucial for MSPs. It emphasises problem-solving abilities, clear client communication, and a proactive, customer-oriented mindset, specifically tailored to address challenges within MSP environments across Helpdesk and Onsite Support functions.

Keibra facilitates real-world exposure through on-the-job training within MSP premises. This allows apprentices to apply their knowledge and customer service techniques in live MSP support scenarios, honing their ability to deliver effective solutions while ensuring customer satisfaction in both Helpdesk and Onsite Support capacities within the MSP context.

Our MSP-tailored IT support apprenticeships ensure apprentices emerge as adept professionals ready to excel in Helpdesk and Onsite Support, equipped with technical expertise, problem-solving capabilities, and a client-centric approach essential for success within the intricate landscape of MSP operations.

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