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About Us

Keibra was born out of a desire to help businesses get the best out of their people. We make use of Subject Matter Experts to guide your employees through a bespoke co–designed training plan. Our staff are professional consultants and practitioners from the world of business and bring their years of industry know-how to your apprenticeship programme.  

We understand that your business will have its own set of priorities, just like ours does.

Therefore we decided to do things differently, meaning we always work in partnership with you to co-design the best approach for your organisation and don't deliver off-the-shelf packages. All of our apprenticeship programmes are delivered specifically for your company. We’ll incorporate your existing policies and procedures, bringing the programme content to life. We’ll embed your organisation’s values, competencies and working practices with an approach that has great impact and immediate relevance.


The key for us is not what an employee knows but what they can do. We help you build your teams competence across all areas of the chosen standard making them ready to be assessed as occupationally competent by the British Computer Society (BCS).


Our belief in training that directly leads to improved performance and increased customer value sets us apart from the crowd. 

Our Story

Digital Rings

Our Values

We prioritise integrity above all else, conducting our business with unwavering honesty and transparency, ensuring that all our actions align with the highest ethical standards.

Integrity Above All

We believe in open and honest communication, fostering a culture where transparency and sincerity are the foundation of all our interactions, both within the company and with our clients and partners.

Honesty in Communication

We strive to be a trusted and reliable partner to our clients, consistently delivering on our promises and commitments with the utmost sincerity and reliability.

Trustworthiness & Reliability

We promote a culture of accountability and responsibility, where every member of our team takes ownership of their actions, decisions, and outcomes, ensuring that honesty is at the core of our work ethic.

Accountability & Responsibility

We are committed to making ethical decisions, considering the impact on all stakeholders and upholding honesty as a fundamental principle in every choice we make as a business.

Ethical Decision-Making

Our eXperience Level

Agreement (XLA)

Our innovative approach to IT apprenticeship training services shifts the focus towards the individual's experience. We prioritize understanding how each person benefits from our apprenticeships and how it aligns with their perspective. Unlike traditional Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which often revolve around the training provider, our Customer eXperience Level Agreement (XLA) centers around you, the customer. We believe that both perspectives are essential for a comprehensive service, and we strive to harmonize them for a more productive and customer-centric training experience.

Recognizing and understanding customer needs, both from a technical and strategic standpoint, is critical for successful and valuable service delivery.

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