About Us

Our Motivation

Is to bring back integrity and transparency to the IT sector, to help reassure businesses and individuals, to provide independent, impartial advice to help point you in the right direction.

Our Team

We have a small team of experts with over 50 years experience as Support Technicians, Network Engineers, Cyber Specialists and IT Trainers with multiple industry certifications (Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA) who have become increasingly disenfranchised with the "sell, sell, sell" tactics in the industry.

Why we're different

We don't sell IT support services
We don't sell hardware or software
We don't partner with suppliers or vendors

This is important because many IT service organisations do – this means that they will likely recommend vendors that provide them with the most commission for promoting IT services, which is a good reason why you could be spending too much!

Free 30 minute no-obligation chat

All our consultants have got a proven track record in the industry and can put this into good use by speaking to you in very easy non-technical terms.

We’re proud of our impartial, independent IT consultancy which means we execute your IT strategy with your best interests at our core – that’s why you can trust us.

Sounds good right?

That’s because we’re not IT resellers and operate on a zero commission, strictly impartial policy. We never accept any financial incentive from suppliers for recommending IT products and/or services, ensuring that you realise the best solution for your business.

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Telephone: 0333 772 9175

Email: info@keibra.com

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